Gina lipov Dvor is beautiful female german shepherd dog
Gina lipov Dvor

Slovak Import
Titles: SVV1
Show Rating: Vyborny (Excellent)
Hips/Elbows: A 1/2 Normal

Gina pedigree

Gina is a beautiful female german shepherd with a “V” show rating, not many solid black working lines receive such a high rating in conformation! Gina loves protection work and is trained very well. She will work endlessly for her handler once she has bonded. Her sire was used by the Slovak Police kennel and produced very strong and clear headed dogs. Her mother’s side is known for producing top sport dogs! Some notable dogs in her pedigree are: Eick von der berg Hochburg, Kery Kamos Durabo, Panter Aritar Bastet, and Kinte vom Sickinger Moorwerk to name a few.

Iscah von der Teufel

Service Dog
Hips Elbows Good Normal

Iscah pedigree

Iscah is my personal service dog who accompanies me everywhere. Her manners are excellent. She is an easy going dog who settles nicely in the house but is always ready to work. She loves children and is social with welcomed guest. She is a daughter of our very own Brutus z Kociciho Dvora. Iscah is a large and tall female german shepherd with an easy outgoing personality. She belongs to the third bloodline. Some of the most notable dogs in her pedigree are Xant z Jirkova Dvora, Dargo Ha-Ja-Da, Atila z Kociciho Dvora, Grim z Pohranicni Straze, Geri z Blatenskeho Zamku, Cordon An-Sat, and Mambo z Pohranicni Straze.

Iscah von der Teufel -Geerman Shepherd female dog

Yzabel z Jirkova dvora
Yzabel z Jirkova dvora

Titled: IPO3, BHShow: vyborny (excellent)Elbows,hips: 0/0, DNABreed Survey:1st class 5JV1/P

Pedigree http://www.pedigreedatabase.com/german_shepherd_dog/dog.html?id=2817610-yzabel-z-jirkova-dvora

YZABEL belongs from her sire KERY Kamos Durabo’s side to the 2nd blood line namely to the famous working branch founded by FERO euterner Himmelreich, TROLL v.d. Bosennachbarschaft, ALY vom Vordersteinwald, SIRK v. Belchen, JAGUAR Aritar Bastet, PANTER Aritar Bastet. YZABEL represents this line not only by her character but also by her type.
From her dam SURA z Jirkova dvora’s side she belongs to the 4th blood line. From this line she inherited endurance and hardness. YZABEL herself has very high defence and prey drives. She is a passionate retriever and her whole training was based on a ball as a reward. She loves to track and her obedience is fast and willing. Her protection has necessary strenght, speed and hardness.

Aida z Mandragory

Titled ZVV1
Breed Survey
Hips 0/0
Elbows 0/0

Pedigree http://www.pedigreedatabase.com/german_shepherd_dog/dog.html?id=2970180 – aida – z – mandragory

Aida is a very athletic female german shepherd with very strong hunt drives. From her sire and dams side she belongs to the 4th bloodline via 1929 SGR, International Champion, DDR Line X II (Foundation) Utz vom Haus Schütting. We expect Aida to pass he striking looks, upbeat personality, and hunt drives onto her progeny.

Aida z Mandragory
Kazimir Von Caine De Lup
Kazimir Von Caine De Lup

OFA Good Hips
OFA Normal Elbows
DM Clear

Pedigree http://www.pedigreedatabase.com/german_shepherd_dog/dog.html?id=2768550-kazimir-von-caine-de-lup

Kazi is a wonderful addition to our program. From her sire and dams side she belongs to the 5th bloodline via Ingo von Rudingen SCHH3 and Lord vom Gleisdreieck SCHH3, FH3 3x DDR SIEGER,EUROPAMEISTER. Kazi is a medium size female german shepherd with nice bone structure and gorgeous head. Her working drives are high and she loves to please her handler. We expect Kazi to pass her workability,
temperament,and protection traits into her progeny

Cindy Nad Holeskou

Titled SVV1
Breed Survey
Hips Normal
Elbows Normal

Pedigree http://www.pedigreedatabase.com/german_shepherd_dog/dog.html?id=2882720-cindy-nad-holeskou

Cindy is a very strong female german shepherd with serious protection capabilities. From her sires side she belongs to the 5th bloodline via Lord vom Gleisdreieck SCHH3, FH3 3x DDR SIEGER, EUROPAMEISTER. From her dams side she belongs to the 2nd
bloodline via Eick von der Berger Hochburg SCHH3 FH1. We expect Cindy to pass her hardness and serious protection abilities onto her progeny.

Cindy Nad Holeskou