Lagertha von der Teufel

Price $5,000
This girl is absolutely perfect. Her temperament is perfect. She is a very happy girl and loves to play. She will come with full AKC registration.

Our goal with Yzabel was to bring proven Czech blood to the USA at an affordable price. This is a 3x repeat breeding done for us by Jiri Novotny Breed Warden Czech Republic. Owner of Jinopo Kennels. Breeding is done within the 2nd bloodline. You can expect harder dogs with higher drives. They will be
suitable for breeding, top sport, law enforcement and active families. They would also excel in PSA. Both are V rated in show and IPO3. Hips and elbows have received the highest scores.

This is our L breeding. Yzabel x Moody

Lagertha von der Teufel dog image
Yzabel z Jirkova Dvora

owned by Teufel Hunden German Shepherds

Titled: IPO3, BH
Show: vyborny (excellent)
Elbows,hips: 0/0, DNA
Breed Survey:1st class 5JV1/P

YZABEL belongs from her sire KERY Kamos Durabo’s side to the 2nd blood line
namely to the famous working branch founded by FERO euterner Himmelreich, TROLL v.d. Bosennachbarschaft, ALY vom Vordersteinwald, SIRK v. Belchen, JAGUAR Aritar Bastet, PANTER Aritar Bastet. YZABEL represents this line not only by her character but also by her type.
From her dam SURA z Jirkova dvora’s side she belongs to the 4th blood line. From this line she inheritedendurance and hardness. YZABEL herself has very high defence and prey drives. She is a passionate retriever and her whole training was based on a ball as a reward. She loves to track and her obedience is fast and willing. Her protection has necessary strenght, speed and hardness.

Moody z Jirkova Dvora

owned by Jinopo Kennels Czech Republic

Titled: IPO3, BH, UMR
Show: vyborny (excellent)
Survey: 1st class 5VQ1/P
Elbows,hips: 0/0, DNA

MOODY belongs to the 2nd bloodline both from his sire’s and dam’s sides. His father’s branch comes from world renowned former DDR dogs from which the most used ones in the Czech breeding programs were LOGAN Onyx, EX od Schmidtu, VILMAR z Marusky, AJO Ja-Kra, CAR pod Molnosskou banou,CORDON An-Sat, ORI z Danaru, FURO Kamos, PIKO Bret Bett, ART ze Sumavske doliny. Most of these
ancestors excelled with their working abilities, gorgeous black sable color that combined with very nice body conformation. Yet CAR, CORDON, ORI and FURO were widely used at the Police and z Pohranicni straze kennels in the former Czechoslovakia.
Ancestors of his mother also comes from 2nd bloodline but from West German working branch. Among the most renowned ancestors from this side belong ALF v. Nordfelsen, X X X, FERO v. Zeuterner Himmelreich, TROLL v.d. Bosen Nachbarschaft, ALY v. Vordersteinwald, SIRK v. Belchen, JAGUAR Aritar
Bastet, PANTER Aritar Bastet. The blood of FERO circulates in 90% of working dogs in West Europe that are competing at World level.

MOODY himself is very elegantly built, has gorgeous black sable color with correct bone strength and strong yet noble head. MOODY is a dog with high energy level, great working drives that loves to do all 3 phases. He loves tracking the same way as obedience and protection. MOODY is a dog that can be easily controlled with normal social behavior and strong play drive.

We expect MOODY to usefully compliment the rich collection of stud dogs coming from 2nd bloodline used by JINOPO. Further we expect MOODY to strengthen the working abilities and correct type of working GSDs representing the Czech breedings. He can be used everywhere where there is a lack of working willingness, dark pigmentation and strength of bones.

Puppy pedigree


M Litter

M Litter Gina x Mojo

Price $2,500
Shipping if needed $600 to most airports
We are currently taking reservations on our upcoming M litter..

Upcoming M Litter

PM for Reservations and Information
Expected Release Date 8 weeks of age September 26th 2020 ( This could change )

Gina Lipov Dvor

Slovak Import
Title – SVV1
Hips Elbows – A Normal
Breed Survey – 5CX5/45P
Show – V Excellent
Video – https://youtu.be/WKBdZNmvMTc

Gina is a large strong female. She weighs in at 79lbs and is in the upper standard for a female. From her sires side she belongs to the second bloodline. Her father is VS3 Lerry Di Dranel son of Kery Kamos Durabo ZVV2 IPO3. Gina is stunning. She has excellent working drives and is territorial. She will protect. She’s excellent with all children and welcomed guest. She’s an absolute treasure. She produces large litters and is an excellent mother. She lives in the house where she can easily settle down and has very clean habits. We are very proud to have such an outstanding breeding dog in our kennel. Gina has proven to pass these traits onto her progeny.

Mojo Z Diehlomov

Title – BH IGP1
Hips Elbows – Good Normal
DM – Clear

Mojo belongs to the second bloodline via his sire Ibon Jipo Me ZVV1 IPO3. Mojo is a very nice dog with excellent conformation and a extremely dark sable color. Mojos drive is medium and his tracking ability is very high. Mojo is an executive level protection dog and will bite for real. He is excellent with children and welcomed guest. Mojo will pass his working abilities and dark sable color.

This breeding is done within the 2nd bloodline via Kery Kamos Durabo to ensure health, longevity, and workability. We expect the puppies from Mojo x Gina to have excellent conformation, health, and working ability. With proper training they will settle in the house and be excellent dogs for Police, Tracking, Personal Protection, PSA, and Sport. Active Families who have time to train can also expect a well mannered protection dog. We will be retaining Pick female for our program.

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